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If you know someone that needs web solution, you can introduce our website to them. If they purchase any web services (web development, web hosting), you will get 10% commission.

How does it works?

Step 1
When you have introduced someone to our website, you have to fill in the affiliate program form for first time. After that, we will send you your affiliate program id through email. (If you have filled this form before, just skip this step)

Step 2
If you have successfully introduced someone to purchase any types of web services(web development, web hosting) in our website, you will need to fill in the below recommendation form.

Step 3
After we get confirmation and receive payment from customer, we will pay you the 10% commission. We promise that we will pay you the 10% commission once we have received the payment from our customer within 1 week.

* Note that if the subscriber cancels the hosting subscription before 30 days, you do not get credit for that referral.

How much can I make?

The one-time referral commission is 10% on web developments or hosting packages only per client referred.

When do I get paid?

Payments will be released 30 days after the new subscriber sign up. For web development, you can get commission only after the project has finished(we receive full payment from customer), that is after 1 - 2 months. We will pay you either bank in to your bank account or we can mail to you by using money order.

Where can I get affiliate program form?

You can download here. After complete, please send to webmaster@solution2u.com.

Terms and Conditions

Your affiliate program qualification will be canceled if you use any illegal methods to promote this affiliate program such as email spamming. Once we know, we will terminate your account immediately.


Recommendation Form

Affiliate Program Id* :
Email* :
Which company would you like to introduce? :
Contact Person :
Type of Services* : Web Development Web Hosting
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* Note that you can get your affiliate program id by filling the affiliate program form.

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